Learning how to drive has become a necessity. Whether it is a high school teenager or a grown up, they show keenness on how to drive a car and be licensed drivers. Once their need is turned into a want, they start looking for driving schools that not only provide exceptional driving lessons, teach well-devised courses to their students but also consider the affordability factors for majority of the students. We offer courses that will eventually put you behind the driver’s wheel. These classes are designed to give you the basic knowledge of car safety, driving safety and much more. Take a look at our Class 7 Options. Do you already have your permit and want to get set, get ready and get on your way with driving on the road. Take a look our Class 5 options. We also offer additional courses that will answer your “how to ?” questions.


Learner's Pack

- 10 hours in class

- Computerized Test

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Crash Course

Crash Course is held in class for 3 hours.
The last 30 minutes is a computerized test.

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